Herring Cove Beach North Parking Lot Suffers First Damage of the Season



PROVINCETOWN – The Cape has still not seen its first winter storm and the Herring Cove Beach north parking lot in Provincetown has already been damaged.

Wind and rain last week opened two new breaches in the revetment, just a few months after emergency repairs were made to the lot.

“We anticipate that unless we have a radically different winter than we have had in recent years that it will get some more damage over the course of the winter,” said Karst Hoogeboom, the chief of facilities and management for the Cape Cod National Seashore.

The National Seashore still has no timetable for plans that would move elevate the lot by 15 feet and move it back 125 feet.

“We know that we are repairing it temporarily. We put in a request to have it relocated further inland and we’re waiting to see if and when that request gets approved and then we can begin the work,” Hoogeboom said.

Cape Cod National Seashore Superintendent George Price said they should get about 50 years out of the new lot once it is constructed.

Hoogeboom said the parking lot issues and damage from winter storms has been a known circumstance for the last three or four years.

“Our fund source managers, the people who actually approve these projects, have seen the situation and they are aware of it and they are working with us to help secure the funding,” Hoogeboom said. “As quickly as the Park Service is able to do it, I think we will do it.”

By BRIAN MERCHANT, CapeCod.com NewsCenter

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