Yarmouth Selectmen Approve New Liquor License Regulations

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CCB MEDIA PHOTO Yarmouth Selectman Mike Stone

YARMOUTH – Yarmouth has approved a mandate that requires liquor licensees to attend a compliance seminar every year.

At least one representative from each restaurant or store that serves alcohol would have to attend the free seminar in order to renew their license.

Yarmouth Chief of Police Frank Frederickson was in favor of the new regulations.

“It just creates such a good foundation moving forward for everything we should do,” Frederickson said. “It will educate not only the license holders but it will also keep us on our toes and make sure we are fresh with getting the information out and that we do it on a consistent basis.”

The seminars review state law, as it applies to pouring and packaging establishemts, the legal forms of identification, Massachusetts Alcohol Beverages Control Commission rules and regulations and town rules and regulations.

“The places that we have been to on inspections where they have had issues with noncompliance, those are not people who come to the seminar,” said Yarmouth Police Officer Phil Magnuson, who runs the education program for the department. “The folks who come to the seminar are usually in pretty good shape.”

The Yarmouth Restaurant Association was not in favor of the mandate saying it was too much regulation. The association said they already provide education for its members.

Yarmouth Selectman Mike Stone, who has attended the seminar the last two years, said the program is well done.

“If I were in the business I would attend voluntarily because it would help me,” he said. “It would help me in terms of avoiding potential legal problems.”

Stone endorsed the program and said he would try to attend again this year.

By BRIAN MERCHANT, CapeCod.com NewsCenter

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