Yarmouth Selectmen Hope Anthony’s Cummaquid Inn Repairs Are Done by June

A photo taken by Yarmouth Inspectional Services personnel of the kitchen of Anthony’s Cummaquid Inn before repairs were made.

YARMOUTH –Yarmouth Selectmen have given the owners of Anthony’s Cummaquid Inn until June to finish necessary repairs before returning their liquor license.

A new round of inspections last week found that many of the building code violations have been or are in the process of being addressed by the Inn’s owners.

They include repairs to the dining room ceiling, the replacement of the rotted flooring in the outdoor seating area and the door from the main dining hall and repairs to the exterior wall next to the landing and stairs.

“I’m personally glad to see that you made some progress,” said Selectman Michael Stone. “I would’ve like to see you make more progress than what you’ve made, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

The company has spent around $131,000 so far and inspectors believe that all the necessary work is about three quarters done.

Inspectors found that the plexiglass roof at the top of the stairs at the outdoor seating area is missing, the door, landing and stairs from the outside seating area is in disrepair and a small ceiling area is missing in the back lounge.

Also needed are multiple electrical permits for various projects that have expired and require electrical permit applications and final inspections.

Yarmouth Director of Inspectional Services forwarded the findings to Manager Michael Watson, who then sent the information to the contractor completing the work.

Selectmen agreed to follow up with the Inn at their meeting on June 6 and said that they hope to have a decision on the license renewal, depending upon how much of the repairs are finished.

“At this point you’ve spent money, we’ll give you the chance to finish it and then deal with it, and then going forward you’ve just go to maintain this stuff so that you don’t have this happen again,” said Selectman Chair James Quirk. “I do know that some of it is from storm damage, but some of it is from years of not being tended to.”

By JUSTIN SAUNDERS, CapeCod.com Newscenter

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