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  1. http://Sally%20Sargeant%20Michael says

    Clearly, the Cape loves it’s pets.

  2. If the Cape loves their pets so much, why do they NOT allow dogs on the beaches all summer. (Oh except for about 2 places)

  3. Where are those 2 places? My dog loves the water and we do clean up after her, but I totally agree that there are a ton of irresponsible pet owners who think it is ok to bury “dog doo” in the sand. They have ruined it for responsible pet owners

  4. http://John%20Osmun says

    All the way to the top 210

  5. http://Rob%20Amos says

    So glad to see Sammy (#34) listed. He’s had a long hard path to get to where he is and has suffered a great deal during that journey. He’s in good hands now and has a loving home!

  6. Cape Cod’s cutest German Shepherd … survived her 4th move and finally in her forever home! she loves the ocean and is the sweetest dog ever! 229 is surely the winner in our book! 🙂 🙂

  7. http://Carla says

    Go Sammy! #34!!!

  8. http://Kristy says

    Go Sammy #34!! A young pup who had to have his eyes removed because of human neglect. Something as simple as deworming could’ve saved his vision. So happy for him living it up in Cape Cod!

  9. http://Hannah%20Brunelle says

    Go Sutton Button!!!!

  10. #135 is a rescue who was adopted an became a therapy dog. Great story.

  11. #135 is a rescue from Tennessee, who became a therapy dog, and serves children and the elderly.

  12. Danni Girl photo 333 is a therapy dog and loves to help the elderly. She is an elder herself. She will always be a winner in my book!!!

  13. http://Virginia%20Collins says

    228 Hiro is my wonderful puppy!

  14. 138 is my Tiki a rescue that loves to keep toasty by the fire 🙂 She is a total love!

  15. http://Catherine says

    #60 is Rigby! She’s an Alabama rescue eating a bean from the “bean house” I built that grew from scarlet runner bean seeds purchased at Hyannis Country Gardens!

  16. Proud parent of Squeakers #324

  17. http://Wendy says

    vote for # 56. Not only is he the cutest he is an awesome dog. 4 lbs of fun. We rescued each other.

  18. http://Bridget says

    Almost dropped dead when I saw contestant #201 the way her blush pink bandana complimented her golden fur was just heavenly!! Where can I find myself one of those dogs! Hopefully that little fur ball barks all the way to the top top top!

  19. #148 is my little Peanut pie. She came from the Brewster ARL. She’s #1 to me!

  20. http://Karin%20Meehan says

    343 brotherly love

  21. http://Suzanne says

    Good luck Sammy #34 you are a sweet sweet puppy

  22. http://Sandy%20Keese says

    The beagle #25 is just too cute, but ALL these sweet animals are precious!

  23. 162 is a rescue also, she is an amazing dog that is loved by all

  24. http://Betsy says


  25. Binny is a winner #88 Go BIN!!

  26. http://Maureen says

    #206 –
    His name is Sheldon, and now that he has discovered the beach, he loves it as much as the rest of us do!

  27. #88 My little Bin !! She is a rescue from Centerville MSPCA

  28. http://tania%20cutler says

    Vote # 94 as she is 14 years old and was to be euthanized as no new owner could be found until we stepped up. Her prior owner had to go to a nursing home. She is a wonderful cat, very healthy and has adoring habits: snoring and periodically blinks her eyes to tell you she loves you.

  29. http://Wilma says

    How cute is 162, what an adorable face!

  30. http://Sandy%20Gifford says

    Vote for Blackjack 255 we’re very proud parents of KBD he’s the only one in Massachusetts

  31. http://Susan%20Penders says

    272 vote for Zoey Penders 272. She loves the Cape :))

  32. http://kent%20van%20horn says

    Melvin #128 go Mel beautiful hammer

  33. #284 rules! Salty sleeping on top of his brother Sako. Please rotate the picture 90 degrees it is even more cute … if you can believe it!

  34. http://Amanda says

    #81 is Odin! He is a 4yr old olde English bulldogge I adopted him 7 months ago and he has made everyday better than the last! Please vote for my handsome man!!!

  35. http://walter says

    #336 is a beast love him

  36. http://Phoebe says

    #233 is our Venice, who will be 11 years old later this month. Since 2007, he has welcomed no less than 5 senior rescued dachshunds into our home, and has never showed one bit of jealousy or resentment. He has taken our Peanut, a little guy who was abused by his previous owners, under his wing and has helped him to become a happy and loving member of the family

  37. http://Joan%20Aalto says

    #285, always paying attention! Perfect set of lifeguards ?

  38. http://Joan%20Aalto says

    Always paying attention! Perfect set of lifeguards ?
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