I’m a Sap

I never thought I would be writing about this….

I’ve been binge watching the hit NBC show, “This Is Us”. Truth be told, and this is so 11th grade, I was trying to impress a pretty girl, and have a go to conversation starter if I get too shy to ask her out.

I am hooked, and yes, I, what do they call it, did the ugly cry. This past Wednesday, my eyes were puffy when I came to work, I laughed it off as I was tired, I had earlier just watched a scene that compares to the end of “Forrest Gump” when the feather starts flying up in the air at the end of the movie.

“This Is Us” is on NBC (Channel 10 now) Tuesdays at 9. I watched most on demand then got caught up this week. It’s TV’s hottest show and focuses on the Pearson family of Pittsburgh, in present day and in flashbacks. It’s real, emotional, and has a lot of twists every episode. Great great writing allows all this to happen.

I dont want to get too much into it, spoilers and such. I posted the other day this replaced “The Walking Dead” as the most talked about show on social media the day after it airs.

It’s. That. Good.

Get the Kleenex ready and maybe we will discuss post show sometime. It really does make for a great conversation starter with the pretty girls 😊


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