Let’s Talk Tooth Fairy

My youngest, Clara, has been feverishly wiggling her FIRST loose tooth. Non-stop, it’s fingers in the mouth ALL THE TIME wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Loose teeth – it’s exciting and scary at the same time, am I right?? Plucking teeth from our mouth seems weird and barbaric, but talk about a rite of passage to make a little kid feel big!

Some kids are nervous to pull a tooth, some use creative ways to pull it out – how many funny videos gone wrong have we seen? (side note: love that show) And then there is me. When I checked her tooth, it was barely hanging on, so I asked her if she wanted me to pull it and out that sucker came. We celebrated her once-in-a-lifetime moment, then I spent the rest of the night sewing her a tooth fairy pillow.

Did you know the Tooth Fairy has a hotline? You can leave a message at 800-961-8516; don’t forget to schedule a tooth pick up. Stinkin’ cute!

This is where it gets interesting though, the Tooth Fairy loot! It’s a hot topic amongst kids and parents alike. I’m sure you’ve heard stories about how the Tooth Fairy brings exorbitant rewards to some, like a $50 – whoa!, I’m thinking only child!! Then at the other end of the spectrum are kids who get a new toothbrush and a little toy. Every family is different, but kids talk and keep tabs on that old Tooth Fairy. It’s personal and different for each family, but here are some cute suggestions:

“We do a single gold dollar sprinkled with glitter.” — Megan

“When our son lost his first tooth, my husband and I got into the spirit. We designed a form from the Tooth Fairy who works in the Department of Dental Enchantment and left $5.” — Abbey

“We crept in and tucked a note from the tooth fairy instructing Henry to follow clues to his prize. He hunted around the apartment following a trail of post-its that we’d stuck along the walls. They led him to a Nerf sword. He was beyond thrilled!” —Samantha

As long as it’s special for the child anything goes! Share with me your family’s tradition at cathysummers@ccb-media.com.

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Cathy Summers is the Midday Host on 99.9 The Q and Afternoon Host on Cape Country 104.

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