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Have you found yourself overwhelmed with opinions on social media and news headlines? The past few days have been particularly hot and heavy-handed. Patriots, Pro-Athletes, Conservatives, Liberals, Activists and Pacifists, Elected Officials and Little Old Ladies! I scroll through pictures and Twitter feeds and find myself asking: Is this MY America?The answer: NO, this is not MY America … And it’s not YOUR America, either.

We need to remember this is OUR America… Collectively.

As children we are taught to share. We learn that we will not always agree with the people around us. You may not agree with your siblings or your classmates. As we grow older, we learn that we may not agree with our parents and our friends. Hopefully, as adults, we realize that you don’t have to agree with co-workers and teammates in order to get along with them and succeed. In fact, the best decisions are often made collectively with a variety of opinions and experiences all negotiating for a final, reasonable outcome.

Unfortunately, as we are learning reasonable and compatible life lessons, we often earn bumps and bruises along the way. Ever notice how the bully on the playground is often the loudest of the bunch? Social media is giving the bullies and opportunity to shout and criticize on an epic, almost deafening level.

I am not a fan of chest-pounding displays. I am not a fan of individuals who believe there is only one correct opinion. I am not a fan of anyone judging someone’s actions based on personal belief without taking the time to learn WHY.

I feel as if we have created an environment filled with disproportionate knee-jerk reactions in response to everyone else’s opinions and actions. Has our addiction to immediate satisfaction over-shadowed our ability to discuss topics and actually listen to the people around us?

The name calling and digital dissatisfaction and bullying and low-level language is drowning out the genuine pride we should have in our country and its citizen’s ability to unite and work towards a greater good. We are derailing our own “big picture” by insulting people we have not and will likely never know.

I am exhausted.

Does it make a difference to you that I put my hand over my heart and stand a little taller when I hear the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner? Does it offend you that it does NOT offend me when someone else quietly bows their head instead?

Have you tuned in to Cape Country 104 at 6:05AM to hear me start my morning show with students from across the Cape reciting the Pledge of Allegiance? 

Does it make a difference to you that I do not go to church, but I have on occasion said a quiet prayer in darker times?

Does it make a difference that I will sit quietly and listen while someone makes a case for an opinion that I do not agree with? While other times I might freely state a case for my own (possibly) unpopular opinions?

At the end of the day, would you offer a hand to help a stranger to their feet after they tripped and fell? What about using the last $10 in your pocket to give someone a meal on a week without a paycheck? Would you take a few extra minutes out of your day to talk to someone who just needed to be heard? 

Most of us like to think we are good all-American people. I know I am far from perfect and I occasionally offend and make mistakes. So what makes a good person? To me, it’s someone who despite what is happening around them, tries to make their little corner of the world a better place. To do that, sometimes you have to take a step back, listen and act accordingly rather than immediately.

I recently posted this picture of my dog, Mazzy (on the left) to my facebook page. My biggest lessons in patience and understanding have come from Mazzy. When another dog is riled up and barking, she waits for them to finish. She only barks when absolutely necessary. The size, shape, color and age of another dog doesn’t matter. She knows when to walk away and when to plop down and listen.

Got an opinion? I am happy to listen: 


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