The Life of a Teenager on Cape Cod


Truth be told here, I am not the best blogger. I was at my girlfriend’s house yesterday, laptop in front of me, racking my brain, coming up with zippo. Nada.

In comes Danielle’s daughter asking me what I was working on. I told her that I was working on a blog and was drawing a blank for a topic.

So, the sweet young lady blurts out, “I LOVE TO BLOG!”

A huge smile is now on my face.

My brain is now working.

I said to her, “how about you blog to me, and all our listeners about what it is like to be a teenager on Cape Cod?” The Nauset Regional High School Junior came up with this, and I love it!

“My Life as a Cape Cod Teenager

5:30 am alarm going off. Ugh!

I just want to stay in bed all day and not leave. About 5 minutes after I’m done being on my phone, I get out of bed and grab my face wash. I go to the bathroom and wash my face and when I’m washing my face, I turn the stove on and warm up water for hot cocoa. After my face is done and my hot cocoa is ready I go back to my room. Once I get in my room, I turn on my computer.

5:45 AM – I’m turning on my music and I get my outfit on. By the time 5:50 comes around I’m getting to my makeup station. Start with eyeshadow, and mascara, then eyebrows, concealer, highlight, bronzer, then the setting spray.

6:30 AM – I’m taking my dog out. I come inside and I get a bowl of cereal ready sit at the table and I eat while I watch Netflix or YouTube.

7:00 AM – I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Once I’m done, it’s time to leave and I go to Dunks for a coffee and that’s around 7:20 once I get there.

7:30 AM – I get to the bus stop and get on the bus by 7:50. I sit with my friends on the bus.

My School Day – I sit in first period for 90 minutes as I have study skills first period. I do homework or look at colleges and look for school apps for my phone and computer. Depending on the letter I’m either going to history or another study skill by that time its 10:05 once I get to class. On one letter day I go straight from class to lunch for half an hour or I got to class until 12:15 and go back for 12:45. Then I’m at class until 1:30 and have 5 minutes to walk to next class which is either chemistry or what the rotating letter day and period is. The bells ring at 2:55 I go to the bus and sit there until we are leaving by 3:02 and I’m texting my ride to let them know I’m leaving.

3:30-3:45 PM – I walk to the car put my bag in and get in. I go get a cup of coffee before going home. Once I get home, which is around 4ish, I take my dog out. I go into my room change into comfy clothes and do homework and listen to music.

7 PM – I’m getting dinner and still doing homework.

8:30 PM – I get into a shower. Once I’m out of the shower I get in pajamas and pick my outfit out for the next day. I then do a face mask and a moisturizer before I got to bed.

10 PM – I watch Netflix until 2:30 AM – 3 AM. Then I finally go to bed and repeat my life all over again once I wake up the next day.”

Well done!

However, 3AM?

More from the Cape Cod teenager soon…



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