Ugh! My Car is Giving Me Problems!


I seem to always be in a dilemma. My most recent dilemma is my car…and heading into the summer is not the best time to have car problems! I have over 200,000 miles on it.

Truthfully I don’t have the money to buy a new car or for that matter a “certified pre-owned” so what do I do when everything seems to be falling apart. At what point do you stop repairing and cave in?

My engine was acting up…my tires were bald so I had to replace them (2 at a time no less…ugh) I needed front brakes and then of course there are a whole bunch of things wrong that I can’t even pronounce.

Then there are secondary things…like my back windshield wiper motor is broken, my lighter to charge my phone and portable GPS doesn’t work (they wanted $1200 to fix that…ahh I think not!) I bought a “portable battery” for $50.00 thank you very much. Problem solved! My visor doesn’t stay up…so I rigged up a piece of Velcro…problem solved (saved $400!)

Until I decided what I want to do…or what I can afford to do…I just keep tooling along hoping and praying I can milk just a little more time out of my car.

Now if it’ll just get me to Coast Guard Beach this weekend…I’ll be all set!

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