Waggin’ Wednesday: Bert Wants To Be Your New Roommate!

Hi! My name is Bert! I am a 2 year old male guinea pig. I came in with my partner in crime, Ernie, but I don’t need to go home with him. We were brought here to the MSPCA because our previous owners did not realize how much time we need.

Many people don’t realize this, but guinea pigs have a lot of personality. Some guinea pigs are shy; others are bold and dominant. Just because two guinea pigs look the same doesn’t mean they’ll act the same… So don’t confuse me with my buddy Ernie!

If I had to use three words to describe myself I would probably say cuddly, laid-back, and lazy. In order to adopt me you need a picture of my new cage (at least 3ft by 2ft per guinea pig) and the adoption fee is $25. Please call or stop in to say hi for more information about me!

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