That Girl’s Blog: Another School Shooting

Three words that should never go together: Another School Shooting.

Did you know there have been 11 school shootings in the United States since the start of the 2018?

I drove to work this morning trying to figure out how to be funny and witty and entertaining, while all I can see on my news feeds are scared high school students who could be the same students I see waiting at bus stops and crossing West Main Street to get to school every day.

When I was in school, the worst thing I can remember was the day someone set of a “stink bomb” in the cafeteria.

I was also a “latch-key” child. I went to school in the morning. I rant track and cross country in the afternoon. I went home and watched TV until one of my parents came home. We had dinner and talked. My parents asked about my day, made sure I did my homework and that I went to bed at night.

My parents, my teachers and my coaches were probably the biggest influences on my life.

Did you know that a recent survey of school-aged children revealed that YouTube has a bigger influence on their decision making than their parents or teachers?

YouTube has become the new Boob-tube. Kids’ eyes glaze over watching everything from pop stars to internet video gamers. Seriously. You and I might be swapping suggestions about which show to binge-watch on Netflix while your children are watching “PewDiePie” along with over 60 million of his subscribers. I tried to watch this guy. I can’t do it.

YouTube is replacing Must-See-TV for our youngsters. My questions to you are these: When was the last time you asked your children what they are watching on their phones and iPads and tablets? Do you take the time to watch the videos and see what they are seeing? Do you talk to them about the “stuff” they are watching?  Or are you simply happy that the kids are occupied so you can have a little quiet time?

After yesterday’s horrific event, I did a search on YouTube for “School Shooting” and then a search for #SchoolShooting.

In my first search I was swamped with videos from news outlets about the school shootings in Kentucky and Texas. With the second search, I was introduced to what looks like a video game called “How To Shoot Up A School”. 

I am NOT blaming YouTube for the recent school shootings. I am not blaming violent video games or violent movies or violent song lyrics. I am not sure where the blame falls. There is no simple answer and there are always more questions and assumptions.

Talk to your children. Ask them what they are doing in school – and AFTER school. Dig a little if you have to. Ask them about their friends and classmates. Remind them that school is a place to learn and make friends and be “kids.”

Find a way to make it clear that it is not “tattling” to tell an adult if they are concerned about another child. Children are way more perceptive than they let you know. They know who the bullies are and they know who is getting picked on.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, listen to what your children have to say.

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