Above and Beyond

Wow...find out what this brave girl did to help a dog in need. She went above and beyond. Whether you're an animal lover or not this should tug at … [Read more...]

The World’s LARGEST Fidget Spinner

Chances are if you're a parent or grandparent your child has a "Fidget Spinner" Even thought they say the craze is on the wane. Check out these guys … [Read more...]

How Long Does Food Stay Good in Hot Weather?

There are so many times I go grocery shopping and have a car full of Ground Beef, Chicken, Milk and other perishables...then I decide I want to do a … [Read more...]

6 Signs of Why You May NOT Want to Swim in Certain Areas

The warm weather is finally here and whether you're swimming in a pool or at one of the many beaches on The Cape...here are 6 signs of why you may NOT … [Read more...]

The 16 Things You Shouldn’t Post About Your Relationship

So, you're in a relationship and you post a lot of selfies of the two of you. You take it one step further and tell people how you feel about your … [Read more...]

Music IS good for your soul!

If you love music and our CCB-Media Radio Station(s) you are on the right track! Music you love has a slew of benefits...Music IS good for your soul. … [Read more...]

It’s Grilling Season

It's grilling season and I have to say I had no idea that you shouldn't use foil on the grill. I do it all the time! ugh. Read the link in my … [Read more...]

Should You Let a Dog Lick You?

I love dogs like many people do! I've also been licked by a lot of dogs....but after seeing this video I may have to rethink that. Watch this video to … [Read more...]

Keep Food Fresher Longer

Have you wondered why some of your food goes bad. Well here are some suggestions on how to keep 9 foods fresher longer. Like celery...coffee and more. … [Read more...]

6 Things You Didn’t Know The Purpose Of

Check out this video...."6 things you didn't know the purpose of" Like why are there holes in a lollipop stick...what is the purpose of pom poms on … [Read more...]

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