My Review of Manchester By the Sea

I am very excited because this year I have the opportunity to vote for the SAG Awards! I am in the SAG-AFTRA Union and all members have been sent … [Read more...]

My Year in Review

On behalf of Ralphie and myself we thought we would do a 2016 year in review… and highlight some of the fun events and charitable events we hosted and … [Read more...]

Try This Tough Word Search Puzzle

Can you find the word DOG in this deceptively hard word search. It's taken some people hours to find. Good luck. Karen … [Read more...]

Blue Christmas with Elvis Presley and Martina McBride

Back in my Boston Country Radio days, I was able to meet Martina McBride. Take a look at this picture of Martina and I back from those times! … [Read more...]

VIDEO: What Coins Left on Soldiers’ Graves Mean

Watch this video to learn more about the coins left on soldiers’ graves. It's something we should all know especially since we are right near the … [Read more...]

10 Things You Did Not Know The Use For

I found this video very interesting and I thought you would as well. There are many things we see everyday and have no idea what they're used for... … [Read more...]

I had never gotten up early to go Black Friday Shopping….

We know the holiday season is upon us. I love Christmas it was always a very big deal in my house. I love to shop for presents especially when I know … [Read more...]

My Experience at the Plymouth Thanksgiving Parade

For the third year in a row I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Plymouth Thanksgiving day Parade…also known as “America’s Hometown Parade” … [Read more...]

Hanging Out With The Tavares!

In the 70’s and 80’s I loved going to nightclubs and dancing to all the fun disco songs. So many of the songs I loved came from the group “Tavares”. I … [Read more...]

This Story Brought Tears To My Eyes

When I read this story it truly brought tears to my eyes. I always loved to help the elderly and make them smile. When I was little I … [Read more...]