That Girl’s Blog: A Funeral, A Wake and A Lesson in Love

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That Girl’s Blog: Check Your Lemons

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Christmas Wishes Thank Yous

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That Girl’s Blog: EGG-citing News!

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That Girl’s Blog: Lessons Learned in 2016

Each day gives us a chance to learn something new and each year gives us a chance to grow.  2016 was a year filled with adventure and … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: An Angel at Christmas

Do you believe in angels? I believe in angels. I believe there are people among us in our everyday lives who go above and beyond to make a difference. … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Lost Puppy

UPDATE: "Lucy" was found and reunited with her family!!  Please feel free to read the original blog below, which is more about taking an … [Read more...]

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That Girl’s Blog: Do Better on Veterans Day

It’s Veteran’s Day. We are told to “Thank A Vet” again and again. I would like to ask you a small favor. Please DON’T just ‘Thank A Vet’… You can do … [Read more...]

Care Packages for Our Troops with Cape Cod Harley-Davidson

No one likes to spend Christmas away from home. It’s even harder when you are half a world away in a place often filled with dirt and dust where you … [Read more...]