Waggin Wednesday: Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun

Rocky the gray tiger cat is one handsome guy with plenty of personality to boot!  Rocky is incredibly sweet and affectionate.  He gets spicy … [Read more...]

Will You Help Hogan Find a Home?

Meet Hogan! This handsome hunk is a 10-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier. He came to the MSPCA in Centerville when his previous family said … [Read more...]

Waggin’ Wednesday: Someday Padme Will Be Your Queen!

Hey guys! My name is Padme pronounced (Pad-may). You might recognize that I am named after the Queen of Naboo in Star Wars. I have awhile to go before … [Read more...]

Will You Help Marley Find a Home?

Meet MARLEY! Are you familiar with that movie dog who had a lot of energy and his name was Marley? Well that is who Marley is named after, because he … [Read more...]

Surprising Relatives of Horseshoe Crabs

Horseshoe crabs are prehistoric-looking creatures for good reason. They're one of the oldest species on the planet and lived on Earth more than 300 … [Read more...]

Waggin’ Wednesday: It’s A Good Thing Maurice Has 9 Lives

If cats truly have nine lives, then Maurice may only have 8 left! Maurice is a handsome short haired black cat with quite a tale to tell. This … [Read more...]

Waggin’ Wednesday: Sierra is Just a Mountain of Love

Sierra is a short, stout love muffin. She enjoys romping in a fenced yard, playing with toys, and going for walks, followed by some cuddling! Sierra … [Read more...]

Waggin’ Wednesday: Could You Love This Jersey Girl?

Were you a fan of the Jersey Shore? If you like your companions on the feisty side you might want to meet JERSEY – a 7 month old calico kitten who is … [Read more...]

Will You Help King Find a Home?

All hail the KING. This handsome man is not only gorgeous to look at but he will steal your heart as well. He is currently reigning here at the … [Read more...]

Waggin’ Wednesday: Sophie Thinks Age Is Just A Number

If you agree that age is just a number, please take a moment to meet Sophie! At 8-10 years old, Sophie is one of THE sweetest and most loving … [Read more...]

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