Coast Guard Breaks Ground on $22 Million Woods Hole Renovation Project

WOODS HOLE - The U.S. Coast Guard broke ground Thursday morning on a major $22 million upgrade of their Sector Southeastern New England Woods Hole … [Read more...]

WHOI Sea Grant Program Receives Grants for Aquaculture Reasearch

WOODS HOLE - The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Woods Hole Sea Grant program recently received two awards totaling $650,000 to support … [Read more...]

WHOI Releases Study on Lingering Radioactivity Following Pacific Nuclear Bomb Testing

WOODS HOLE - Scientists with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have found lingering radioactivity in the lagoons of remote Marshall Island … [Read more...]

Steamship Authority Bans Large Trucks from Early Morning Boat

WOODS HOLE - The Steamship Authority has voted to ban large trucks from the early morning freight run to Martha’s Vineyard in an attempt to ease noise … [Read more...]

MBL to Kick Off Falmouth Forum Season with Discussion on Listening

WOODS HOLE - The Marine Biological Laboratory kicks off its new Falmouth Forum season this week with a talk on living to listen. How would the … [Read more...]

WHOI Led Research Team to Develop System to Predict Changes in Ocean Temps

WOODS HOLE - A research team led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has received a federal grant to develop a system to predict changes in … [Read more...]

Steamship Authority Fares Not Expected to Increase in 2018

WOODS HOLE - Steamship Authority ferry trips are not expected to cost any more next year. The 2018 operating budget for the authority was presented … [Read more...]

Marine Biological Lab Scientist Helps Invent ‘Camouflage Skin’ by Studying Cephalopods

WOODS HOLE - Octopi and cuttlefish can instantly change their skin color and pattern to blend in to the environment and engineers have now invented a … [Read more...]

WHOI Researcher Chosen as Oceanography Society Fellow

WOODS HOLE - A Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution researcher has received national recognition. Jim Ledwell, an emeritus research scholar, has … [Read more...]

WHOI Receives Grant Funding to Study Seaweed Farming for Biofuel

WOODS HOLE - Homes and cars could be powered by fuel made from seaweed grown at offshore farms in the future and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution … [Read more...]

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