Science and Health Journalists Invited to Apply for Unique Woods Hole Research Fellowship

WOODS HOLE - Science journalists, writers, producers, and editors are invited apply for a fellowship in the acclaimed Logan Science Journalism … [Read more...]

WHOI Researchers Study Whale Skin Bacteria

WOODS HOLE - The skin of marine mammals serve as a line of defense against pathogens in their environment and a new study shed some light on the … [Read more...]

Things You May Not Know About Falmouth

Falmouth is the second-largest municipality on Cape Cod, next to Barnstable. With its many inlets, bays, harbors, and ponds, it can be a wonderful … [Read more...]

WHOI Center for Marine Robotics Receives State NextGEN Award

WOODS HOLE - The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Center for Marine Robotics has been chosen to receive a NextGEN award by the Massachusetts … [Read more...]

MBL Program to Peer into Eyes of the Animal Kingdom

WOODS HOLE - The Marine Biological Laboratory will introduce Cape Codders to the fascinating world of animal eyes during the first Science Before … [Read more...]

Woods Hole Scientists Study Weakened Coral Skeletons

WOODS HOLE - Corals throughout the world are finding it more difficult to build their skeletons due to the rising acidity in the … [Read more...]

Citizens Group Seeking Relief from Freight Traffic in Woods Hole

WOODS HOLE - A group of citizens who would like to eliminate freight traffic through Falmouth and Woods Hole is working to find a regional … [Read more...]

WHOI Sells Controlling Interest in Pocasset Mooring Systems Company

WOODS HOLE - The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has sold its controlling interest in a Pocasset mooring systems company. EOM Offshore was … [Read more...]

Coast Guard Cites Tugboat as ‘Responsible Party’ for Woods Hole Oil Spill

WOODS HOLE – The Coast Guard has identified the responsible party for the oil spill in Woods Hole as a tugboat that was in the area at the … [Read more...]

Oil Spill Cleanup Continues in Woods Hole’s Great Harbor

WOODS HOLE - Several agencies continue cleaning up an oil spill that was discovered Sunday in Woods Hole. During a briefing on Thursday afternoon, … [Read more...]

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