Chatham Selectmen Vote to Institute Paid Parking at Eldredge Garage Property

CHATHAM - The Eldredge Garage Property in Chatham will be open for parking during the summer season, but it won’t be free for visitors. Selectmen … [Read more...]

“Special Series” – Inside the Barnstable County Fire Rescue Training Academy- Show#3

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LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY – Man & Woman of the Year Campaign

CWN_FS_FORAN001_1 from Cape Wide News LLC on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Chatham Boaters To Face Navigation Problems

CHATHAM - After a volatile winter, Chatham’s eastern coast will prove to be a great challenge to boaters, even those familiar with the … [Read more...]

Increased Transfer Station Fees Proposed In Chatham

CHATHAM - In an attempt to dig out from an increasing stack of bills from recycling companies, Chatham is looking to increase a number of transfer … [Read more...]

Chatham Releases Another Sewer Update

CHATHAM - The Chatham sewer construction contractor says that weather permitting, he will continue with just one primary crew.   Gravity … [Read more...]

Snowy Snapshots & Other Scenic!

Early April/Spring on the Cape...Mother Nature cleaning out the winter closet...Osprey seem a little confused...the Sky always has endless … [Read more...]

April Fools Plunge to Support Coomber Family Held In Chatham!

Under a wintry sky the 11th Annual April Fools Plunge took place at Hardings Beach, Chatham...the event, sponsored by the Chatham Fire … [Read more...]

11th annual April Fools Plunge in Chatham

CHATHAM - Beginning in 2008, members of the Chatham Fire Department have taken part in an April Fools’ Day “plunge” at one of their local beaches. In … [Read more...]

“Special Series” – Inside the Barnstable County Fire Rescue Training Academy – show#2

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