That Girl’s Blog: Taking Notes By Hand

Do you know someone who writes on the back of their hand? Yes... Me. I know it's  as irksome to some people as the fact that I rarely match my … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: The Hurler Burger (All Access Cape Cod 2008)

What do you think of when you hear this description: Four ounce grade "A" all beef patty, cooked to your exacting specifications decadently … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Something Light and Fluffy (Dog Hair Everywhere)

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the first daffodils are popping up and my house is covered in white fluffy dog … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: I Joined A Gym (AKA: I Hate My Toes)

I am sitting at my kitchen table looking at my feet. I hate my toes. I have stubbed them and ignored them and stepped on sharp things with them. My … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Twitter, Grape Jelly and the Dalai Lama?

 Twitter, grape jelly and the Dalai Lama? Talk about three things that shouldn’t go together… but somehow do. For a long time I have been a … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Must Love Dogs

  I found myself wearing my frumpy pajamas on the couch in the middle of the day watching John Cusack movies with a bottle of wine and my … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: A Happy Ending for a Long Tail!

I am so happy to share a little (or a very large) piece of good news with you this morning! Lyoness is finally HOME!! The 7 year old Newfie that … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Memories Found in Wellfleet

UPDATE: Family located... Right here on Cape Cod!!  Artist Steve Swain, owner of the Frying Pan Art Gallery in Wellfleet found a broken, beat-up … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: UPDATE ~ Shhh!!! She’s Still Out There!

I have good news! After a full week in the cold and rain and snow, Lyoness, the 7 year old Newfoundland is still alive! The bad news: She is … [Read more...]

That Girl’s Blog: Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day has become a polarizing day on the calendar. Love it or hate it, the 14th is coming. I like the IDEA of Valentine’s Day, however, … [Read more...]